Sunday, April 7, 2013

SO much is going on!

Hi everyone.  I hope this past week went by smoothly and wonderfully for you all.  I have been busy, but still relaxing at the same time.  My mom and I just got back from a week trip to Missouri to visit my great grandma (Mima), my grandma (Granny) and my aunt.  I absolutely love going down's just magical.  We relaxed, I got some crocheting done, and we hit up some flea markets.  And guess what I found?!?
 Here's an old bee smoker.  It's totally rusty and the leather is super dried out, but I LOVE it.

 Here's a shot of Betty sitting in Granny's driveway.  I love her stone steps!
 Our last night in the Ozarks was blessed with this amazing sunset.  My Uncle Ed (who has passed away) used to take beautiful pictures of the sunsets, and I like to think that he was giving us a lovely gift on our last night on vacation.

However, we got back Friday night, and this weekend was WORK WORK WORK.  Dad and I worked on the chicken coop, putting in nest boxes and starting painting it.
 My beehives are totally done - all they need are BEES (that should be coming in this week!!)
 The chickpeas are getting BIG.  I couldn't believe how big they got during the week we were gone.  It's starting to be really easy to tell roosters from hens.  Check out this handsome little man.

 Their coop will be done in the next few weeks, so they will have a permanent home!

This is one of the things my dad worked on while we were on vacation.  He built a little fenced in area for my hives.  They will be protected from ANY annoying critters that come along.
 One of the last things I had to finish was making sugar water...gallons of it!  The bees need something to eat until the flowers actually bloom.

Well, things have been busy busy busy in my little slice of paradise.  I hope you all had a great week and I hope the weather is better where you are than it is here.  Still 40s and raining or cloudy.  Hopefully the bees don't have to wear their long underwear when they get here.  Don't worry, I'll have LOTS of pictures of them for you.

Until next time, have a great week!


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  1. Awesome Looking Hive. Are you getting a package of bees or a nuc?


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