Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring has come to paradise!

Spring is officially here! We got the baby chickens into their outside pen yesterday, and they are loving it!! They have been dusting, laying in the sun, scratching in the leaves and enjoying being able to run in their pen. 

The grown up chickens are enjoying the weather too! They can get out and scratch in the leaves now that the snow is finally gone. They also enjoy the heat of the sun.

The bees are also glad that winter is finally over. They have been bringing in pollen like champs and the queen is already laying eggs.

Dad and I did some spring cleaning in the hive and ended up with quite a bit of burr comb. That means I have lots of beeswax to render. Perhaps I'll do a video sometime!!

Well I'm off to enjoy the sunshine myself! Until next time, Happy Easter and God bless!!