Monday, July 29, 2013

Fiber Art and Chickpeas

Chickens are very curious by nature, and they LOVE to eat.  We try to give them a variety of things to pick and scratch through.  They have a 12' by 12' run, but we throw in lots of things for them to mix it up a bit.  I found out over the weekend that they LOVE nectarine, and we always throw in grass clippings, chunks of sod, weeds from the garden, and odds and ends from dinner left overs (corn cobs, salad left overs...etc.) Today I shoveled in a shovel full of dirt from our back yard.  They love new things to explore, and were quick to start kicking it apart looking for bugs and things.  They are so cute!
Then tonight I finished a dish cloth that I started yesterday.  It's a super simple pattern, and I love it because it looks like honeycomb.  I happened across this really neat blog site that has a new dishcloth pattern every week.  I found it around week 18, but I plan to make more of them.

Check out her site here! 

This one is week 16, and I just started the one for week one.  I love it because it's a project that goes pretty quick, but who can't use more dish cloths??

Until next time lovelies...xoxo

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