Friday, August 16, 2013

thwarted assassination

So I was out and about in the yard taking pictures of flowers and garden and chickies, and realized I hadn't been out to see the bees in a few days. Just as I got up to the fence, I heard something.  There was a skunk in the live trap outside the bee enclosure!

We've had a live trap up for months, but it hasn't had any bait in it for almost as long.  Little guy must have just been curious.

 You can see all around the trap where it's been digging, trying to get out.  It was like that on the other side too.  He must have been in there since the night before, since skunks are nocturnal. 

 Dad told me (info that he got from my great uncle) that if you cover the trap with a towel or blanket the skunk won't spray.  Uncle Harry was right.  We covered it up and carried it to the back of our property, let it out and ker-POW!

Just make sure the wind is blowing the right direction =)

We will now definitely be baiting that trap, to catch some more!  Skunks love to eat honeybees...but we will have NONE of that here.

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