Friday, March 15, 2013

Building Beehives

Hey everyone!  Sorry it's been a while since I posted.  I had a nasty stomach bug last weekend that kind of wiped me out for the week.  I was laying on the couch with no energy, and dad was going nuts cutting pieces of wood for frames.  I checked on him a couple times, but when it comes to wood working...he's the man.  He got all of the pieces cut, and I drilled holes in them yesterday.

Cosmo helped supervise, to make sure I did everything right!

Here are all of the pieces...I think these are for the deep hive bodies.  I plan to use two deep and two medium (hopefully) per hive...that means I hope to have LOTS of honey at the end of the summer.

Dad and I went lumber shopping today to get wood for the hive bodies and covers.  We also got some paint for the hives...the color I picked is called 'Garden Fresh'. I tried to take a picture of the card, but it really doesn't translate well in a picture.  I hope that once it's on the hives and outside in the sun, it looks better.  We shall see!

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