Monday, March 4, 2013

Babies of the bird variety...

 Hello all.  I thought I'd share some bird pictures for you today. 

First off, the most important baby bird in my life.  This is my almost 4 year old cockatiel, Cosmo!  I love this little guy to pieces.  He is so funny!  He whistles the Andy Griffith theme, gives kisses all the time, and LOVES to snuggle.  He's my little baby!

Here is a funny little shot of him right after a bath.  He will only take a bath on his terms, but when he does, it's hysterical!  He looks like a little drowned rat when he's done, and smells just like a wet dog. LOVE him!

Though none of these little cuties are mine...yet...I thought I'd show you the type of chickens we are going to get.  These are Rhode Island Reds, and are one of the best breeds of chicken.  They are friendly, and lay REALLY good eggs!  My dad and I are going back to the feed store, probably Wednesday, to put in our order!  I can't wait to have these little fuzzballs!
Also, I couldn't finish this post without SOMETHING bee related.  Went to check on the girls today, since it was sunny again.  I saw a few flying, and some tucked up back by a piece of comb.  It looked like they had been doing some house cleaning, because on the opposite side of the tree, where I assume the drain in their hive is, was all kinds of pieces of leaves, lots of dead bee body parts (crime scene?) and this LITTLE piece of comb.  It was just really neat to see.

Not much else going on here, just chomping at the bit for spring to get here.  We're going to visit some family in Missouri at the end of the month, and then it's going to be busy busy busy around here!  YAY!!!

Hugs and love from my almost springtime wonderland!


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  1. Sure looks like exciting times ahead in spring. I did a similar thing and started off with chickens, now I have finally just got my bees. In a few months I am doing fish in aquaculture tanks. Never a dull momment. The bees are fascinating as you already discovered. Good luck in Spring!