Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunshine, Bees and Bird Feathers

 Hello friends!  I hope you are all enjoying your weekends.  I have been busy researching more about bees, as well as some vegetables and herbs that I plan on adding to my garden this year!  It has been mostly sunny today (though not exceptionally warm) but I thought my girls might be out and about, and I was not disappointed.  When i got out to the tree there were several flying around, and another one or two walking around the entrance.  I was lucky enough to snap this picture of one of them heading back in.
There were several more in the snow, dead or dying, but I'm thinking that's just normal.  Food stores are starting to run out, and some of them, I imagine, just can't make it through the winter.  Since they typically overwinter with numbers in the thousands, I suppose losing fifty to one hundred isn't too bad.

I spent most of my morning on facebook chatting with a new friend from Canada about his bees.  I'm excited to learn more from him and learn even more about beekeeping.  I also found a new friend in Kimberling City (near my family in Branson) that keep bees, as well as building beautiful Red Cedar hives.  I'll attach a link to his page as well.

On a side note, look at the lovely feather that Cosmo lost today.  I also realize that I haven't posted a picture of my little guy yet, but don't worry...he's very photogenic, so I'm sure you'll be seeing him soon!

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday, and take care.

Hugs from cold but sunny Michigan!


Red Cedar Beehives 

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