Sunday, September 22, 2013

New addition to the flock

Meet Grandma Mabel.  She's our new hen.  Some friends of the family have lost all but two of their chickens; this one and a Barred Rock Rooster.  The rooster is SUPER mean ( as we found out today when we went to pick this little lady up) so they are going to butcher him, but they didn't want to kill this girlie.

She's really tame, pretty sweet, although she will stand up for herself (probably because of mean rooster).

We are keeping her quarantined for a bit before we integrate her with the rest of the flock, just to make sure she isn't ill.

I kind of think she has scaly leg mites ( a mite condition that affects the scales of the legs and feet) so I want to make sure that that either isn't the case or that it's cleared up before I put her with the group.

I'm pretty sure she's about two years old-ish. I don't know of any way to tell with chickens.  I'm excited to see how she integrates with our flock and how the pecking order dynamics change.

Until next time!

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