Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chicken eggs!

I finally figured out which chicken lays which eggs, and though I'm sure it'll have little meaning to you, I'm going to share anyways. =)

Okay, starting with the green, the top egg is from Nugget. It's hard to tell, but her eggs are a more olive tone than the rest. They are really pretty. The middle green egg is from Sparkles. She lays an egg that's a bit longer and more oblong than the bottom egg, which is from Freckles. Her eggs are more round, and super cute!

Now, the brown eggs. The bottom brown egg is a bit more pale, but large, and that one is from Clara.  The brown egg on the right is from Frankie. Hers usually have speckles on them, and are also really pretty.  The top brown egg is from Thelma Lou. She lays beautiful brown eggs that are a bit more round than the other two.

It's really neat that even in the same breed of chicken, you can get variations in the egg size and color. 

Everyday when I collect the eggs, I can't help but smile at how pretty they are.

I love my chickpeas!!!

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